7 teams on pace to lose 100-plus games

7 teams on pace to lose 100-plus games

Jeff PassanMLB columnist,Yahoo Sports

The marathon-high pile of ugliness Major League Baseball foisted on the world this April warrants every iota of hyperbole henceforth. The weather was terrible, and the game did everything in its power to match it. Pitchers walked more hitters than any time since the turn of the century and are on pace to set single-season records for the most wild pitches, hit-by-pitches and strikeouts. Hitters, never ones to let pitchers one-up them, are fighting bad with worse. Eight teams are hitting in the .220s, and antiquated though batting average may be, the staunchest sabermetric disciple would agree on the grimness of it all, particularly when three of those teams currently own the best record in their division.

 Generally speaking, April doesn’t offer the cleanest brand of baseball.

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