Vampires Do Exist And The First One's Story Is More Chilling Than Dracula

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It is common knowledge that Bram Stoker based his iconic literary character Dracula off of medieval Transylvanian monarch Vlad Tepes. But the "vampire" myth goes back further than that.

Jure Grando Alilovic lived in Istria (which is now part of modern day Croatia) from 1579 until his death in 1656. According to historical record, Grando died from an undefined illness and was buried in the local village cemetery.

Grando's story did not end there. It is said that for 16 years following his death, he would rise from his grave at night and terrorize his village, Kringa.

It was said that he would walk the village, and whomever's door he knocked on, someone from that household would die within a few days. Superstitions like this still run deep in that part of the world, so imagine what this must have done to a village in the 1600s.

Jure also apparently took time to terrorize his grieving widow, specifically in her bedroom. She claimed that he would enter the room and sexually assault her. She also described him as a corpse that was both smiling and wheezing for breath at the same time.

Something needed to be done; the village had been living in fear for nearly two decades.

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