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Want to cut the cord? Here are some options.

Your Guide to Cord Cutting Cable with 24 Alternatives

No longer are we sweatpant-clad, popcorn-fed, tube-gazing masses beholden to the whims of the local cable company.

But cable-cutting isn’t just about getting back at the man.

With content coming faster and thicker than ever, you now have the means to create your own bespoke viewing experience, all while cutting out all the crap you pay for but never use.

So we put together a brief guide to getting started, from full-sail replacements (think Sling TV) to content aggregators (think Netflix) to — wait for it — the best free options currently available.

Editor’s note: Just about all of these require a piece of internet-enabled hardware, such as Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV or a Smart TV.


These are the true OTT (for over-the-top) solutions that will allow you to replace your cable box or satellite entirely (or, y’know, jump on one of those maddening customer-service calls straight out of Dante’s Inferno). All are ready to operate on your existing devices via web-based platforms or apps.

Sling TV

Cost: $25/month for either Sling Orange or Blue, or $40 a month for both, with options to add on premium channels like HBO and Showtime

What You Get: Sling offers a pretty well-rounded group of channels with the combo option. You get ESPN, FX, Comedy Central, AMC and around 40 more. However, only select markets get the networks — FOX, NBC and ABC.

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