A 21-Strikeout Game Is Probably Going to Happen

A 21-Strikeout Game Is Probably Going to Happen

Cal Ripken’s 2,632 consecutive games … Pete Rose’s 4,256 career hits … Wade Boggs’ 107 daily beers … there are some Major League Baseball records that’ll probably never be broken.

However, a pitcher recording more than 20 strikeouts in a game probably isn’t one of them.

Though it has only been accomplished by four pitchers – Roger Clemens, Kerry Wood, Randy Johnson and Max Scherzer – setting down 20 batters by way of the K is a feat that is going to be surpassed and, given the recent increase in strikeouts across MLB, it might be done this year.

 “This is a strikeout era,” according to ESPN. “In the past week, we’ve seen three credible 21-K alerts: James Paxton had 16 in seven innings, with six outs to go; Gerrit Cole had 12 through six innings, but ended up with only 16; and Max Scherzer had 15 in 6⅓ innings before he was pulled. The means are there.”

The other reason a 21-strikeout game is probably on the way is it because it is so doable.

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