Secret life of NFL scouts

Secret life of NFL scouts

Pete Thamel - Yahoo Sports

COLUMBUS, Ohio – At a program like Ohio State, every practice doubles as a job audition for the NFL.

On a steamy August morning, Dolphins scout Ron Brockington strolls the sideline of a Buckeyes practice wearing his scouting uniform of pressed khakis, a logoed polo shirt and gray running shoes. He’s among the scouts and executives from nine different NFL franchises on the sideline for practice that morning. The previous day, there’d been so many scouts — 16 — that Buckeyes strength coach Mickey Marotti couldn’t fit them all in his office.

Fall scouting, especially before the data from games clouds judgment, is the purest form of scouting. And for a savvy veteran like Brockington, who is in his 21st season, a day around a talented team like the Buckeyes is a lot like a scouting version of Christmas morning. There’s good access, a talented team, and coaches and staff who know exactly what scouts are looking for.

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