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Why the far-left entered the Taylor Swift/Ticketmaster MESS

You'd think U.S. politicians have better things to worry about than the Taylor Swift/TicketMaster fiasco. Yet, it seems some of our far-left favorites already are trying to use the whole mess to their advantage. Sen. Amy Klobuchar even called for a federal investigation into TicketMaster. WHAT?! In this clip, Glenn and Stu explain why this likely will be just another attack on capitalism, why the whining MUST end, and why you don't have a constitutional right to attend a Tay Tay concert (so just shut up about it!).

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STU: You mocked the Taylor swift story earlier.

GLENN: Did you I?

STU: You said, I can't believe the CNN story is covering this.

GLENN: The coverage is, this is a big deal. That this is the biggest selling ticket day in all of history. It's amazing. But what really caught my attention, the reason why I did it, is because Amy Klobuchar got involved?

STU: Yeah. And AOC as well. AOC was big on this. Saying, it's a monopoly. We must break it up. Can we -- you don't have a constitutional right to see TayTay. That's not a thing. It's not in the document anywhere. They don't mention Taylor Swift once. Nowhere in the document, do they say, you're able to go hear her stupid songs in person. That's not a thing.

GLENN: I think I could twist the Third Amendment.

STU: The Third Amendment? The one about not quartering soldiers?

I don't know --

GLENN: Yeah, they quarter the soldiers, I'm going to see TayTay.

STU: Okay. That may be true. They may have to update. It's a living document.

GLENN: I think it's a living, breathing document, and everybody knows what they were meaning. It's the comma.

STU: But like, there are people absolutely freaking out over this, that they couldn't get their Taylor Swift tickets yesterday.

We have multiple government officials who are saying, oh, look how evil this is, this evil giant corporation, that could only sell 2 million tickets in a day.

GLENN: Oh, shut up.

STU: To a bunch of concerts around the country. I'm so, so sorry. Now, of course, a lot of this goes back to the typical artist, who says, I want to make sure that the real fans can get in. That's why I'm charging 1 dollar for all these tickets. And then, of course, people buy them and resell them on the secondary market. If you just charge what they were worth, then you wouldn't have this problem. But no one wants to do that. Because they make it -- they sound mean if they do that, Glenn. They sound mean to their fans. If they charge too much for these tickets. Now, look, you want to get some tickets, you'll give away to some of your fans, that are dedicated. You can find a way to do that. But these are price controls. You are artificially lowering the price of these tickets, to give to people for $49. Does anyone believe a Taylor swift ticket in the year 2022, or 2023 I guess, is actually only worth on the market, $49? Of course not. She's charging these ridiculously low prices for a select small tiny group of the tickets she's selling.

GLENN: Of 3.6 million.

STU: Right. She has a lot of them out there. Now, of course, she could find a way to just give them away. She's making plenty of money here. Charge the normal price for the other tickets. Then give some away to your hard-core fans.

GLENN: Okay. I so care very little about this story. I mean, the only reason why I brought this story up is, they're concerned in the Senate and the House?

STU: Oh, I know.

GLENN: They're concerned? What about Arizona?

STU: They want to go attack you know some giant corporation.

And they want to attack capitalism. I mean, that's why I care about it.

GLENN: They also want to start talking about the failures of everything else.

STU: That's true. But think about this for a second. There was a time, most of human history. That if you wanted to hear music, what you needed to do was get in in front of someone who was playing it. Right? All throughout history. Then through capitalism, innovation, we were able to record the music. And it was very difficult. You had to distribute it.

It got hard. Then we came up with record stores. And we were able to record the music.

So there were tons and tons of people, who could access this. Any person who had, I don't know. Ten bucks. Could go buy first a record. And an eight-track. And a cassette. And a CD.

STU: And in some cases, all of those.

And you would go and you would buy them from the store. And I remember going around from record store to record store to record store, to try to find this.

GLENN: To try to find it.

STU: And concerts were hard to get into, and they were expensive, and I didn't have the money to it.

GLENN: And you had to go stand in line.

STU: And you had to go stand in line to get the tickets.

GLENN: I paid $19 for floor tickets to see Michael Jackson and the Jackson V.

STU: You're kidding me.

GLENN: Nineteen dollars. And it was an outrage.

STU: People were pissed off. And that's the thing. People are always pissed off. Now we come to the point. You know I don't want -- I didn't want to pay for the money. They're too expensive. They're too expensive for the tickets. Then we're to the point now where capitalism has brought us every single piece of music ever reported for $0.


STU: And they're still bitching. They're still complaining.

GLENN: I know. I know.

STU: The same people who were like, I don't want to pay $19 for Michael Jackson.

GLENN: Then don't go.

STU: Then don't go. You don't have a right to go -- and, by the way, you can get tickets to every other artist on the planet, with no problems right now. There's essentially one artist that it's difficult to get tickets for. And this artist, they still sold 2 million tickets in a day. And everyone is talking about breaking the company up. And it's not about Ticketmaster. No one likes. Everybody complains about Ticketmaster all the time. It's not about Ticketmaster. They're going after freaking capitalism. They're always targeting the same thing. Every time anyone has a bad -- how can you look at this entire picture, Glenn, from performing music and having no way for anyone else to hear it. To every song being free, and still complain about it.

GLENN: I only brought this up, to say Congress and the Senate are more concerned about a Taylor Swift ticket, than the vote! In Arizona!

Shouldn't they maybe be a little bit more concerned about the stuff that's in their wheelhouse!

STU: That's the problem though. AOC thinks this stuff is in her wheelhouse. She's a victim of everything. She's constantly telling everybody --

GLENN: Isn't everybody tired of victimhood. I'm a victim. Shut up. Shut up.

STU: Shut up. Shut up. It's so annoying. Just stop your whining. Everybody is whining about everything all the time. Look, there are real things to worry about clearly in this country. But whether you can get TayTay tickets, it's not one of them. It's not one of them. I'm sorry.

GLENN: I have to tell you, I think the people of Africa, that are starving right now, they would disagree.

STU: They want TayTay tickets?

GLENN: Yeah. They're on the phonish kind of thing they have over there, trying to get through to Ticketmaster.

They couldn't get in. They couldn't get any. Finally an affordable ticket for us. We're starving to death in Africa and Ethiopia. And I can't get a ticket.

STU: And, you know, where Taylor Swift isn't playing any concerts? Madagascar. Why?

Because everyone there is African-American, is that why? Now, it's weird that they would be African-American in Africa. But I don't know how they all became American citizens in this analogy, but they are.

GLENN: They're African African.

STU: They're African African.

She will not go play for African Africans in an island off the coast of Africa.

GLENN: That is really -- I think it has to stop.

STU: It has to be racism. Is there any possibility? She's skipping the entire continent?

GLENN: How do you do that? How do you do that? You're just going to fly over. Oh, it's the fly over continent. I get it. Wink, wink. Code language.

Dog whistles.

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