Video: Bigfoot Sightings Reported in Alabama

Employees at an outdoor entertainment venue in Alabama claim that customers have been reporting strange activity which they suspect is evidence of a Bigfoot lurking in the area. According to a local media report, the accounts of "distant sightings of an unusual animal" have been coming from ATV riders exploring the trails throughout the spacious Bama Slam park in the community of New Brockton. In addition to the alleged eyewitness accounts, worker Joe Blackburn says that feedback from guests "over the last 21-to-30 days" suggests that there's "something unusual" happening in the densely forested area of the site.

"There's knocking going on. Screeches," he said, "They're not dogs. They're not coyotes. What can it be?" Co-worker Tanner Medley echoed Blackburn's suggestion that Sasquatch could be behind the weird activity, musing that "when you dismiss all the erroneous possibilities, you have some sort of ape like creature." In response to the potential presence of Bigfoot in their midst, the park is asking guests who may encounter the creature to do their best to capture the sighting with their cell phones.

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