DOJ Reveals Details of Major Cocaine Drug Bust in Lima Area

Lima, OH (WIMA) -- A raid on suspected drug dealers took place in the region on Thursday morning.

Around Noon, the public was made aware of the results.

Local, state, and federal officials have been involved in this case since late 2016.

One of those at the press conference at the Allen County Sheriff's Office was FBI Special Agent Jeff Fortunado.

Sheriff Matt Treglia said it takes time to get major drug dealers off the streets.

Named in the federal indictment were Don Burns, Joseph Downton, Earl Hall, DeJuan James, Michael Jones, DeJuan Keys, Larry Nathan, and Chivas Shurelds.

Shurelds is still at large.

The Allen County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team served an arrest warrant Thursday morning on Shay Michael Williams, who is charged with two counts of trafficking cocaine.

Others taken into custody after being served with arrest warrants by the Lima Police Department SWAT Team were:

Verlando Clark, charged with trafficking heroin, aggravated trafficking in drugs and permitting drug abuse.

Michael Dewayne Johnson, possession of cocaine and five counts of having weapons while under disability.

Edward Moore Jr., three counts of trafficking in cocaine and one count of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.

Willie James Reynolds Jr., single counts of possession of cocaine and possession of drugs.

Raymond White, charged with trafficking in cocaine, two counts of possession of cocaine, having weapons while under disability and tampering with evidence.

You can see video of the press conference at the 1150 WIMA Facebook page.

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