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Libs of TikTok’s Chaya Raichik Stands Up to Big Tech Censorship

CLAY: We are joined now by a woman who is doing phenomenal work helping to put a spotlight or maybe even just a mirror on far left-wing insanity that is occurring on social media that, frankly, your kids, your grandkids are experiencing on a day-to-day basis. Initially just on TikTok, also a popular Twitter feed. She is Chaya Raichik and she joins us right now.

BUCK: @LibsOfTikTok is her account.

CLAY: @LibsOfTikTok is the account. But there’s a lot of people listening — thank you for making the time with us, Chaya — in our audience that, frankly, aren’t super active on social media. So if you had to, Chaya, describe what you do and why that is considered controversial for an audience that may not… They have some you on Tucker but they may not be active on TikTok or Twitter or social media channels on a regular basis, paint them a picture for what it is that you do.

RAICHIK: Hi. Thanks for having me. So, I basically just hold up a mirror, like you said, to the left, and spotlight their most insane ideas. So, I take TikToks or screenshots, videos from at this point not just TikTok, from all over the internet, and there’s no editing, and I just post it, and I’m like, “This is what’s happening, this is what the left is saying,” and the reason that that is so controversial is because the left really wants to be able to do all of these things without anybody noticing.

So, for example, I’ve been focusing a lot on what they call “gender affirming care” in hospitals, which translates into double mastectomies, hysterectomies and all kinds of other genital mutilation surgeries on kids, and it’s “controversial” because they don’t want you to know that it’s happening. And I’m like, “Hey, look, this is happening at this and this hospital,” and obviously they want to be able to do all these things. They want to be able to have kids performing in drag shows, they want to be able to do mutilation surgeries, they want to be able to get away with their whole agenda without anyone noticing, and I’m noticing.

BUCK: Chaya, one thing I’ve seen and your work has led to much more of a discussion around the issues of drag shows where children are being exposed to clearly sexualized adult behaviors and as you mentioned, the transition surgeries for minors. On that point there seemed to be even a few weeks ago an effort to say, “Well, these hospitals aren’t actually doing these things,” and then it was, “Well, these hospitals are getting threats because people are talking about what they’re doing,” and now I’ve started to see, “Oh, yes, no, these hospitals are engaged in the transition surgeries for children, and here’s data that suggests this is actually good for them.” It’s stunning to see how the narrative shifts depending on the political needs of the moment of the left.

RAICHIK: It’s very out of the leftist playbook. They tried it with like CRT in schools. They tried it with sex and the sexualization of gender ideology in schools, and you’re a hundred percent right. In terms of these transition surgeries, that transition from “it’s not happening” to “it’s happening and here’s why it’s good” was really, really fast. It happened really quick, quicker than anything else I’ve seen, and it just shows that they’re really desperate. They really want to keep chopping kids up. Like, they really want to do it.

And they’re gonna do everything they can to ensure that they can continue doing it, which is actually why I’m currently on a seven-day Twitter suspension because I had posted a thread… I mean, they didn’t tell me exactly why, but I think it’s because of a threat I posted about a surgeon saying that she does surgeries on minors, and they just… They’re so desperate that they’re calling for anyone who noticed it to be censored, to be silenced, and in addition to that now, they’re saying that it’s actually a good thing. So they’re just gonna keep going. (laughs) I mean, honestly, I hope they keep going with that. If what they want to do is say, “Hey, look, gender surgeries on minors are actually good things,” great. Go with that. We’ll just blast that all over the place because I think most of America agrees that it’s actually abuse.

CLAY: We’re talking to Chaya Raichik. She is with the @LibsOfTikTok account.

BUCK: She is @LibsOfTikTok, essentially.

CLAY: Yeah, she effectively is. I wanted to give you an opportunity. You said you’re suspended right now for seven days from Twitter. This has been ongoing. And in fact, the left wing legacy media, the Washington Post in particular have come after you with guns blazing, which — as Buck and I have had happen to us and lots of people who listen to this show know — is actually a sign that you are making a substantial impact. But I’d like for our audience that may not be familiar with it to know, on an individual basis — as you said just effectively for holding a mirror up to what’s going on in our society — what the left has tried to do to you individually as a result of what you are putting out there on social media.

RAICHIK: So, first of all, they doxed me. The Washington Post doxed me and I think I might be the victim of the most Twitter suspensions. I think I may have a world record.

CLAY: Good for you, by the way.

RAICHIK: (chuckles) I believe this is number seven. Yeah. And again, I know it just means I’m over the target. So they’re really frustrated by it being shown what they’re doing, like I said, showing them talk about the gender affirming — what they call “gender affirming,” which is really child mutilation — surgeries. They feel really threatened by it because they just don’t want people knowing. And whenever I show what’s going on, they call for my silencing. So we had Washington Post, you know, ask Twitter to suspend me. NPR did that too. There’s a lot of blue checks on Twitter begging Twitter to suspend me. They’re really going hard after me. I’ll admit it’s tough sometimes, but I’m very strong, and we are not gonna let this hinder our work because what we’re doing is extremely, extremely important for the future of this country.

BUCK: We’re speaking to Chaya Raichik, @LibsOfTikTok founder, and it is critical. Honestly, you’re… I mean, when I think about people that are adding really documentary or evidentiary components to these major discussions we’re having, you know, you with just shows you what the left thinks; Chris Rufo finding the actual documents being taught in schools with CRT. It’s so essential to have the receipts, as they say.

And you’re showing the receipts of the other side. They get so angry about this, which is fascinating, cause as you say, you’re not even doing commentary. You’re just sharing what is being said. I’m so fascinated by this point of it, though. Big Tech, when they slap you down with a suspension or anything else, is there ever any explanation as to how you can be “violating community guidelines” for sharing what somebody else has already shared from the left?

CLAY: Yeah.

RAICHIK: So there was, like, three of the times they made us delete a tweet and they made up a reason for why it violated their rules even though it didn’t. But the past two times, my two seven-day suspensions were just general “hateful conduct.” They didn’t tell us, “This is the tweet,” and in fact people have been reporting our account, and we get that report, right, and Twitter says, “We’re required to let you know that your account has been reported and we found it did not violate the Twitter policy.” We got that for tweets and for my profile in general. So they’re telling us at the same time, “You didn’t violate our policies, but you also have hateful conduct; so we’re just gonna suspend you for seven days.” And the reason they’re doing that is because the entire leftist media is really campaigning them to suspend us, and Twitter is just caving to them.

BUCK: I have to ask, are you ever surprised by how insane the left is now that you’re doing this work? I mean, obviously you saw something which is why you set this up and you’ve been on this is the biggest radio show, you’ve been on Turk’s show and Sean shows at Fox, the biggest TV shows on Fox News. Does it ever just make you think how did people get so crazy? And also, Democrats don’t repudiate this stuff. At least not what I see. They just… We see these things, and you bring up the child mutilation, for example, going at the hospitals; for the most part, this stuff is, “Yeah, that’s what’s going on.”

RAICHIK: So I think at this point I’m a little bit immune to it, and nothing I see really shocks me anymore. I mean, I posted a video a week ago about a drag show which it was advertised as only a drag show, but it ended up actually being a stripper showed. They had a stripper on stage, literally a stripper barely wearing anything with a child right in the front row like handing the stripper… I don’t know him or her, I have no idea.

BUCK: I saw this clip on your account, by the way, yeah.

RAICHIK: Yeah. So when I saw that I was like. Oh, my God. And then this I’m like, “Well, of course the left is doing this.” I became a little bit desensitized to their insanity just because I deal with this all day. But I think they have no limits. I mean, I think they’re only gonna get more and more insane. And, I mean, I think they’re obviously trying with their whole MAP thing, Minor-Attracted Person, to normalize pedophilia. I think we’re gonna go in that direction. We’re gonna see that happen on a much larger scale. I think the left is gonna go there and it’s not gonna surprise me. I’m just gonna be like, “Well, of course. They’re insane. This is what they’re doing now.” They just keep getting more and more insane and moving the goalposts for insanity.

CLAY: Chaya, do you have a good legal team? And the reason why I’m asking is, we’ve had Alex Berenson on this show a lot, and Twitter banned him. And you said right now you may be the most banned person on Twitter (chuckles), which is, I think, kind of a stamp of authority that you’re having a lot of influence. But do you have a team that can mobilize if they decide to try to knock you off permanently in the same way that Alex Berenson did?

RAICHIK: Yes. So, we actually hired Alex’s attorney. So, he obviously has a good track record.

CLAY: Good for you.

RAICHIK: I think he’s the only one in the world to ever do that successfully. So we hired him, and he is amazing, and we have a legal defense fund set up. We have a team of attorneys, and we are preparing for a lawsuit against Twitter.

BUCK: Where should people follow your work, by the way? I mean, very few of our audience I think are gonna be on TikTok, but are you set up with either a Substack or are you on TRUTH Social, or Rumble, any of those?

RAICHIK: So I’m on all social media platforms @LibsOfTikTok and Substack. redirects to Substack and that’s really where we’re gonna focus all of our effort when we do eventually get banned — if and when we get banned — and we also put out content on there weekly. So and also TRUTH Social, Rumble, yeah.

BUCK: Please, everybody, go. If you’re on any of these social accounts, go follow @LibsOfTikTok. It’s critical. Sometimes the stuff you watch it’s just mind-blowing but really important work. Chaya Raichik, thanks so much for being with us, and we’ll have you back on soon.

RAICHIK: Thank you.

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