Watch: Clumsy 'Ghost' Goes Viral in China

A worker at a horror-themed escape room in China likely wound up giving himself nightmares by way of an embarrassing stumble which wound up captured on video and subsequently went viral on social media. The cringe-worthy moment occurred when the young man, who was dressed as a ghost, burst out from behind a curtain in an attempt to frighten one of the participants in the game. Unfortunately for the faux spirit, the scare was on him as his feet clipped a piece of furniture in the room and sent him falling to the ground where his mask flew off his head.

To their credit, the escape room guests quickly rushed over to help the downed 'ghost,' who fled back behind the curtain to his hiding spot. While the young man appeared to be uninjured from the miscue, any embarrassment he may have suffered in the moment was no doubt magnified considerably when footage of his fall ended up going viral on Chinese social media. Check out the video and find out more on this story at the Coast to Coast AM website.