• This past Saturday night's Elida-LCC game will go down as one of the best ever in our town.

As with many "classics" there was some controversy with a mistaken call that overturned a probable game-winning basket for the T-Birds.

Tre Cobbs hit a layup with 3.7 seconds to play but was ruled to have stepped out of bounds on the way to the hoop.

Turns out he didn't step out, as this video shows:

Elida-LCC video

Elida then had possession and after inbounding about a third of the way up the floor, a pass was lofted ahead for Dakota Mathias who was taken down to the floor by the LCC defense.

A foul was called, the tenth on the 'Birds. Mathias missed the first free throw but made the second to complete a 42-point effort in Elida's 70-69 win.

While it looks clear that the out of bounds call was mistaken, the foul called on Mathias's catch was also clearly the correct call.

Some will say that "you can't call that" with the game on the line late.

To those people I say "how can you NOT call it"?

It is moronic to say that "officials decided the game" when a foul is called late in a game.

To me it's even MORE imperative to call fouls in those situations. Why should you be allowed to foul somebody just because it's the last play of the game?

What if somebody traveled? Should you not call that?

On another officiating subject:

The T-Birds were very aggressive in trying to defend Dakota Mathias.

While not in any way "knocking" LCC at all, I would tell you that that type of play is exactly the kind of defense they're trying to eliminate at the college level.

And it needs to be reigned at the high school level too.

  • Moving to High School Football...in my last post I hinted that a current WBL coach was interested in the Wapakoneta job. Turns out that interest has faded.

I have it on good authority that Wapak's brass now focused in on the man they want and will attempt to close the deal this week.

All I'm at liberty to say is he's a winner from a school in the Northwest District, but not what we'd consider "local". Stay tuned.

  • The Hit King still brings 'em out! Check out the crowds at the Lima Mall from Friday as Pete and George Foster signed autographs:

Pete did express to me reservations about Billy Hamilton. Pete doesn't think he's good enough at the plate at this time to survive in the bigs.

We'll see.