The Winter Olympics are here! Yay, right?

There are plenty of things wrong with them, like why are they being held in southern Russia, where the other day it was 60 degrees? Doesn't that country have a land mass filled with snow right now called Siberia?

Why did Team USA wear sweaters and outfits that looked like bad Christmas sweaters in the opening ceremonies?

And, we're continuing to get horror stories from reporters, and even athletes, about the less than desiriable living and restroom conditions.

But, I'll still watch when I can.

Maybe patriotism is the reason why I tune in. I hear people say that has nothing to do why they are not interested.

Didn't anyone see Rocky IV?

If a race or event is on, of course, I'm going to be rooting for the Red, White, and Blue (USA, not Russia, or any other country with those colors).

And, the winter games are always fascinating. Bobsledding, speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey. I guess I'm fascinated since I've never even laced up ice skates let alone ever try it.

The Olympics still are a chance for mostly amateur athletes to rise above, and show their stuff on the world stage.

Yeah, I know, the USA allowed professionals in a few years back.

But my Olympic highlights go back to 1980, when a group of college kids, who had no business even being on the ice with the mighty Soviet hockey team, knocked them off and went on to win the Gold Medal.

And, the Olympics usually give us a chance at setting up America's next sweetheart or star male athlete.

Remember Bonnie Blair, Mary Lou Retton, Michael Phelps, and Bruce Jenner before his reality TV days?

How can we go wrong in women's figure skating with a girl by the name of Gracie Gold?

Let's not let the political hype, the past wrongdoings with judges being bribed, or the whole Kerrigan-Harding slug to the leg incident hamper the competition of the current kids (and pros) representing the USA.