In a few days, my Grandma (my mom’s mom) will turn 90.


Just ponder that for a few seconds.


She’s lived through a lot, and raised 6 kids.

She lost her husband (my Grandpa) in 1978, with the last of those 6 kids still at home.


She’s outlived all of her brothers and sisters.


And, think about what has happened all over the world since her birth in 1924.


World War II.

Gallons of gas going for probably as cheap as 15 cents.

Ice cream for a nickel.

Simple times, like the 1950’s.

The rise of the Eastern Block in Europe, and its fall in the late 80’s and early 90’s.


She worked as a telephone switchboard operator.

Boy, how that industry has changed!


And, how about her role in the family tree.

Numerous grandkids (I’m the 4th oldest), and now great grandkids.

Nieces, nephews. Family friends that are almost like blood relatives.


As I approach one year into my 40’s, I ponder all of that with admiration.


I haven’t, nor will I probably ever, accomplish any of that.


But, just to be a part of it is really something.


I guess that’s what family is all about. Happy Birthday, Grandma!